Power play for the production of your products? All part of the process for us.

Benefit from us as a manufacturing partner with development support. Thanks to in-depth know-how and a high degree of automation, we are always that decisive step ahead of the competition.

We’re the outsourced workbench for your manufacturing projects.

Our production is individually adapted to your products

Intensive support

In addition to project-related consulting services, we also support you with interface solutions with partners and suppliers.

Reduced risk of default

Very high availability through intensive functional tests of your assemblies, this is how we guarantee the highest quality standards.

Time and cost savings

Our just-in-time production, a high degree of automation and the individual adaptation of processes to your projects save you valuable time and expenses.

Own workshop

From assembly to testing of prototypes or series products, our know-how about your products is the basis for all manufacturing and testing equipment.

» We manufacture with development support – and have not yet conceded a goal. «

Erlind Osmani

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3 factors of electronic manufacturing

The manufacture of electronic assemblies is essentially influenced by three factors:

1. Material availability
Resources have never been scarcer than in recent months. And although it can be assumed that confirmations of delivery dates and prices will once again become reliable in the future, the availability of electronic components will continue to pose major challenges.

2. Change management
Development always means change. Adjustments to circuit board designs and components are therefore part of every phase of the development process. Development-related production must be adapted to this.

3. Customer market development
From prototype to series. Things always turn out differently than you think. Our customers expect production to evolve with product requirements in terms of quantity and performance. That is why it is so important that we understand flexibility and availability as one of the most important fundamentals when designing our production processes. Together with our partners, we are able to meet all requirements from “one-day production” to “second source”.

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